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Free Services under Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
The systems receiving assistance under this program are within the Mojave Water Agency (MWA)
planning region and are considered to be within disadvantaged communities and/or small water systems.
#TaskTask Description
A.           Needs Assessments
A.1Needs Assessments
  • CRWA will conduct focused water system needs assessments for disadvantaged communities (DACs) within the planning region in order to help identify and document the most pressing water related issues.
B.           Workshops/Trainings
B.1Sub-regional and/or Regional Workshops with attendee lists, agendas
  • CRWA will provide registration and logistical support for the trainings, develop and track email and distribution lists of attendees, coordinate all logistics for workshop/training locations including registration support, and marketing through CRWA's website and electronic email notification system.
B.2Email distribution lists  
  • CRWA will develop and target disadvantaged community systems for training sessions/workshops through email distribution. This will include relying upon CRWA's extensive current database of rural systems located in the Mojave region. This email list will be provided to the Mojave Water Agency for future contact and follow-up.
Provide Training -Workshops
  • CRWA will provide trainers that have historical expertise in delivering subject matter to be presented. CRWA will conduct training workshops focused on water-related topics of interest to DAC water entities in the Mojave IRWMP region.  The number of workshops will be determined by the needs in the region.
Training   workshop summaries and list of attendees
  • Training workshop summaries and list of attendees; CRWA will provide a roster sheet with attendees present and contact information.
C.           Technical Assistance
C.1Technical Assistance (T.A.)
  • Technical Assistance as directed by the Mojave Water Agency Pertaining to Disadvantaged Community Needs.
C.2Master Plans
  • CRWA will develop plans to help in attaining funding via Prop 1, State, and/or Federal grants
C.3Sampling Plans
  • CRWA will prepare comprehensive sampling plans for water quality compliance
D.           Technical Support
  • Assist waters system in completing funding applications.
D.2Corporate Review
  • Review of water system corporate compliance, bylaws, articles of incorporation and policies and procedures.
E.            Misc. Technical Support
E.1Technical Support
  • As coordinated in collaboration with Mojave Water Agency, CRWA will contract outside technical support (i.e. technicians, such as a hydrogeologist)
F.           Pre-Applications
F.1Pre-App Support
  • Assist systems in completing funding pre-applications for state and or federal funding programs.
G.           Grant Administration
G.1Administrative Support Specialist
  • CRWA will provide monthly activity logs, as well as invoices that provide documentation of work performed.
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