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Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Implementation Support Team Subcommittee
for Small Water Systems and Disadvantaged Communities
The Small Water Systems and Disadvantaged Communities Sub-Committee (SWS/DAC) was formed specifically by the IRWM Plan Project Team to focus on the needs of small water systems which include any agency involved in water resources (small water systems) and economically disadvantaged communities systems.  The inclusion and participation of DAC's is considered essential to the Mojave IRWM Plan process, as more than half of the Region qualifies as disadvantaged.  DACs within the IRWM planning region include both rural and urban areas.  However, not all small water systems are in DAC communities.  (Draft Work Plan, September 22, 2015)
Small Systems Sub-Committee Members
1. Richard Selby, Chairperson
2. Marina West, Vice Chairperson
3. Lance Eckhart, IRWM Project Manager
4. Matthew Howard, MWA Staff
5. Logan Olds, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
6. Dustin Hardwick, California Rural Water Association
7. Jeanette Hayhurst, Additional Member, Technical Advisory Committee
  • Prop. 1 Technical Assistance awarded a total of $846,000 in grants to Apple Valley Foothill County Water District, Daggett Community Services District and Sheep Creek Water Company.
  • Center Water Company received a State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and Prop. 1 planning grant award of $491,000.
  • Mojave Water Agency region to receive $500,000 in household/SWS drought assistance from SWRCB and California Rural Water Association.
  • Awarded $500,000 from Prop. 84 for Leak Detection surveys for SWS located in Disadvantaged Communities helping 26 SWS are 50% complete.
  • There are at least four new D1 operators in the Lucerne Valley Area and two new D1 operators in the Yucca Valley area.
  • Gordon Acres Water Company and Jubilee Mutual Water Company are currently working on a voluntary consolidation to provide safe, reliable drinking water to the eastern Lucerne Valley area.
  • Provided six free workshops focused on water-related topics with attendance ranging from 20 to 60 people.
  • In addition to work with Small Water Systems that focus on providing drinking water, this program also focused on small wastewater systems in our region. California Rural Water Associations’ wastewater expert reached out to all small wastewater systems in the region to provide technical assistance as needed.
Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) – CRWA Support
July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
Proposed Planning Activities
  1. Umbrella leak detection survey assistance
  2. Targeted educational training and workshops
  3. Funding program support
  4. Rate and energy analysis support program
Proposed Implementation Projects
  1. MCL violations-Treatment projects
  2. Distribution network upgrades/replacement
  3. Storage facility upgrades/replacement
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