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The MWA Small Water Systems Assistance Program was developed from the Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWM Plan) in response to a growing need for additional resources for disadvantaged and severely disadvantaged small water systems (SWS) that lack staff, expertise, and funding to address water reliability, as well as increased water quality standards.

A majority of the Mojave Region is comprised of Disadvantaged Communities defined by the State as any community where the median household income is below 80% of the statewide median household income.  The key issues, needs, challenges, and priorities for the Mojave Region with respects to disadvantaged communities include: help improve water management systems that serve DAC's, educate communities about requirements and opportunities, and support DAC's to apply for assistance.
Read more on IRWM Plan implementation for Small Water Systems and Disadvantaged Communities.

2018 California Financing Coordinating Committee Funding Fair - NEW

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Work Plan for Small Water Systems

2017 Water Purveyor Geographic Guide and Contact Information
A downloadable document of purveyors located within the Mojave Water Agency

Grant Funding Opportunity
Household & Small Water System Drought Assistance Program (HSWDA)

  • More than half of Small Water Systems qualify as disadvantaged with a median household income of less than $49,454
  • Within the Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Planning area approximately 87% of the population are living in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC)
  • MWA Board of Directors began providing funding for the program in the fiscal year 2014/2015. Over the past three years (2014-2017), for every dollar spent by the Agency to assist Small Water Systems the region has received nearly 5 dollars in return
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